Liquid Archive
MIT Museum

Created at Studio TheGreenEyl
Role: Concept, Design, Animation, Archive curation, Editing
The Liquid Archive is an installation at MIT Museum in Cambridge, Massachussetts, USA

Creative direction: Richard The
Software magic: Bryan Ma, Torin Blankensmith
Design & Motion: Ardak Mukanova
Data wrangling: Jessie Han
Sound design: Marian Mentrup
Commissioned by MIT Museum 

The Liquid Archive is a generative video work shown on the 6x6m digital display at the center of the new MIT Museum. Using machine learning, the piece examines thousands of digital artifacts from the museum collection to create an infinite, forever unfolding associative journey through the history of practice at MIT. Inspired by the cross-disciplinary nature of research at the institute, the animated collage constantly draws new, surprising connections across time, place and research discipline. The ephemeral compositions of image and text fragments might combine artifacts from engineering, science, art and architecture and span across decades of research. While the work is generated from a vast collection database, the result is a meditative, aesthetic experience, offering a break from the more didactic museum galleries nearby.

Installation, 2022. High res LED display wall, Computer, custom software, 
MIT Museum digital collection

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