Art and Ideals: 
President John F. Kennedy
The Kennedy Center
Created at Studio TheGreenEyl Role: Design
Art and Ideals is a permament exhibition at The Kennedy Center Washington DC, USA 

Creative Direction: Richard The 
Creative Technologists: Markus Lerner, Andreas Schmelas
Dynamic Portraiture Artist: Sergio Albiac
Design: Jiangnan Hou, Rozi Zhu, Ardak Mukanova
Sound design: Marian Mentrup 

Collaboration with Pentagram, KieranTimberlake and Batwin and Robin 
The permanent exhibit is located in the heart of President Kennedy’s living memorial. It uses the latest in digital technology to explore how the arts infused and informed the Kennedy presidency.

Studio TheGreenEyl collaborated with Abbott Miller of Pentagram and architects KieranTimberlake to develop three interactive experiences for this exhibition:

“Dynamic Portraiture” introduces the historic Kennedy portrait by expressionist painter Elaine de Kooning and enables visitors to create their own digital self-portraits in her distinctive style and palette.

“Dinner at the White House” features a series of touchscreen “plates” that represent the prominent cultural figures who attended Kennedy dinners. Commonalities among the guests emerge as graphics link up on the table top, and visitors can create their own guest lists.

“The Power of Words” presents keywords from landmark Kennedy speeches on a mirrored wall, where they come together to form full sentences as people approach.

Studio TheGreenEyl 
Collaboration with Pentagram, KieranTimberlake and Batwin and Robin. 

KieranTimberlake — Exhibit Architect and Producer
Pentagram — Exhibition, and Experience Design
ISG Productions — Script Development
batwin+robin — Media Design
Studio TheGreenEyl — Interaction Design
Sergio Albiac — Dynamic Portraiture Artist
Susan Johnson — Exhibition Text
Threshold Acoustics — AV and Acoustics
Tillotson & Theatre Projects — Lighting, and Theatrical Design

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