Inclusive articulations and practices in design, communication & development

Authors: Dirk Reynders (LUCA School of Arts), Marie Geneviève Cyr (Parsons School of Design) 

Designed by Ardak Mukanova, Katerina Kovaleva

Published by Academic & Scientific Publishers (ASP)

ISBN: 9789461173263
Publication date: 06-12-2023 
Fashion+ discusses the concept of inclusive fashion, its emergence, development, and significance within contemporary society. It highlights the shift towards more environmentally and socially responsible practices within the fashion industry, leading to innovative working methods and values previously overlooked. The book also emphasizes the need to explore new conceptual frameworks and ways of representation in the inclusive fashion sector.

The book introduces an anthology that aims to contribute both theoretically and practically to the understanding of inclusive fashion dynamics. It seeks to explore the intersection of inclusive fashion practices with various disciplines, methodologies, and collaborative approaches. The anthology invited contributions from diverse backgrounds, including theorists, practitioners, artists, educators, activists, and more. The intention is to address the transformative potential of inclusive practices and cultures in the fashion industry.

Fashion+ underlines the importance of interdisciplinary and socially engaged practices in higher education and informal learning contexts. The book acknowledges that the discourse around critical studies of fashion and inclusivity is relatively new, lagging behind other academic disciplines. It identifies areas such as fashion education, health challenges, cultural context, gender, and occupational roles as needing further exploration. The anthology showcases projects that challenge design bias and institutional barriers while celebrating diversity in all its forms. It aspires to inspire change within the fashion industry and promote a cultural discourse on fashion within diverse contexts, highlighting the importance of unity, emancipation, and equality.

Overall, this book emphasizes the urgency of inclusive fashion and its potential to reshape the fashion industry, promote equality, and reflect the values of the 21st century society. It seeks to bridge gaps in research and understanding while fostering critical dialogue and transformation within the realm of fashion and creative expression.

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