PARSONS DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY THESIS SHOW 2022ECHOES is a website for Parsons School of Design Thesis Show, New York, USA.

ECHOES website is made for the Parsons Design & Technology program to showcase students’ thesis projects and celebrate the final end of the year events including pop-up exhibition show, publication, symposium, screening & performance events.

ECHOES is a collection of stories, devices, anecdotes, universes, playful interactions, practical applications, manifestos, poems- nearly every medium under the sun. It was created by artists, designers, and dreamers, standing as evidence of resilience and innovation. It is a celebration of the efforts of Design & Technology’s class of 2022, quietly reverberating through our collective imagination. 

This show could not happen without the commitment and hard work of individual students and the faculty’s generous help.

Ardak Mukanova, Yuqing Liang, Iz Nettere

UI/UX: Nanwei Cai, Billy Ho
Interactive Sketches: Olivier Brueckner, Yuan Zhang
Design: Ardak Mukanova
Development: Kunal Jain
Faculty: Richard The, Xin Xin

Sara Kobayashi, Wesley Chau, Cecile Roca Morla, Emilio Lari, Shivanjali Verma, Wenjun Li, Minghui Ju
Faculty: Colleen Macklin, Clarinda Mac Low

Editors: Yuen Hoang, Jessica Jabre
Layout: Ardak Mukanova
Faculty: Ayodamola Okunseide, Harpreet Sareen, Anna Harsanyi

Sarita Sun, Aldora Wang, Yujing Shi, Jiayue Gou
Faculty: Katherine Moriwaki

Organizers: Yuen Hoang, Ken Chen, Livia Foldes
Layout: Ardak Mukanova, Yuen Hoang
Faculty: John Sharp

Whitt Sellers, Bowen Li, Xintong Wang, Lu Jia, Ziyan Cai
Faculty: Kyle Li

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